junior high pastors summit

just got to estes park, colorado for our 5th annual junior high pastors summit. we have 22 this year – and so many of these people have become great friends over the years, that it’s just a very fun reunion for all of us. a great chance to catch up on life and ministry and hang with people who really understand what it means to have the reasonably odd calling to work with young teens, for years and years (many of these people have been doing young teen ministry for 15 or 20 years.

we’re staying at the private ranch/lodge of a wealthy guy that one of the attendees knows — and it’s stunning. i’ll have to post a pic of the view at some point.

anyhow — in honor of middle schoolers, i thought i’d post this real pic of a middle schooler caught in a chair at lunch. gotta love it.

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  1. My wife and I just had a great laugh and relized how much we love working with jr hi kids.

  2. Hey Marko, I’ve been to that ranch in Estes Park for a meeting with Sam Williams and Eric Swanson and a group of pastors they meet with. Great views, great space…I got to ice skate at 11 pm on the pond!

    Hope you enjoy your time there. God spoke to me about adopting a daughter from China that week. We just got all our paperwork submitted. Now all we need is a bunch of moolah!

  3. As a Middle School Tech nology Education “Shop” teacher I can really understand this photo.

    Middle School is a unique calling to say the least.

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