kara powell interviews me for the cfym podcast

fuller’s center for youth and family ministry is a great resource, with tons of free stuff flowing out of research. they also have helpful articles, and (normally) interesting podcast interviews. in this month’s interview, dr. kara powell interviewed me on adolescent brain development and implications for youth ministry. i find that the difference between good interviews and bad interviews has as much to do with the questions being asked as it does with the responses, and kara asks fantastic questions.

here’s the newest issue of their e-journal (which has the interview in it).

or, here’s a direct link to the interview.

One thought on “kara powell interviews me for the cfym podcast”

  1. Nice interview and your right the “right” questions do make all the differences. Just a thought you might want to put the links to the different posts you talk about in the interview out for us to find again. I’ve already done the same think as Dr. Powell and cut/pasted them into a document to read as a whole.

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