kilt, revisited

A Generous Orthodoxyi got my 2nd utilikilt in the mail, a great looking black denim jobbie (i’m wearing it, with a great amount of freedom and comfort, at the moment). dang, it’s just so manly! tic’s came in the mail also. now there are two of us — and rumor has it a couple of the other men of ys are ordering them. soon we will be a “movement” and need to appoint a national director or coordinator (a small bit of emergent half-humor there).

when i put it on just now, my 7 year-old son, max, said, “nice man-skirt, dad.”

4 thoughts on “kilt, revisited”

  1. Man I am LOVING that! Definitely a great ‘movement’ going to come out of this… And can’t you just wait til the Emergent No guys get hold of the pics!

    Hope you’re good. Enjoyed your Zambia stuff – been to Malawi recently to visit my bro who’s working there… Beautiful part of the world.

    You going Greenbelt?

  2. had to cancel my greenbelt plans this year, kester, unfortunately. i’ll be at soulsurvivor the week before (in the UK), but somehow don’t expect you’ll be there!

  3. SAWEET!

    I’m in love with the Survival Utilikilt in basil green, but my wife would freak if I spent $230 on a ‘man-skirt’. Nevertheless, I’ll have to endure ‘trouser tyranny’ until my original Utilikilt in Olive green comes in.

    Did you order yours with the ‘modesty snaps?’

  4. dude, yes! i got the olive twill original also. good choice! yes, i got the “modesty snaps”, but haven’t found them necessary yet.

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