korea update, 1

i made it to korea, after almost not making my connection. flight to san francisco (where i was connecting) were all jacked out of san diego, as there was low clouds in san fran creating the dreaded “flow” problems (sounds like a medical issue). my flight was massively delayed, as was the “earlier” flight. i was lucky to get on the earlier flight, but the connection was still questionable. just as i was boarding, i heard someone yell out my name, and saw karla yaconelli cuing up to get onto the flight i was supposed to get on!

when i landed in san fran, i literally ran over to the international terminal. as i was approaching the gate for my flight to seoul, the gate agent yelled, “hurry up, mr. oestreicher!” (apparently, they knew i was coming.) they closed the door right behind me, and i took my seat, huffing and puffing.

i met up with charles kim, our yskorea dude, upon arrival, and took a long cab ride into seoul. charles has some connections at the ritz carlton, so that’s where i’m staying! i’ve never stayed at a ritz carlton in my life. it’s a bit… well, posh.

charles and i walked through the crowded and alive streets, and found a hoppin’ chicken and beer place for a late supper. it’s now midnight here (but 7am in san diego), and my body clock is very confused. we have a breakfast meeting with a key korean publisher, and a full day of meetings tomorrow, including an appointment with the pastor of the world’s largest church (they have something like 200,000+ members). crazy. hope i don’t make a fool of myself.

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