kung-fu election

i can hardly believe someone took the time to create this hilarious game. but they did. and you simply must try it, even if only to look at it (warning: you have to sit through an ad before the game loads, and they are not all G-rated).

yes, it’s kung-fu election, an martial-arts fighter game starring the four current pres and veep candidates, as well as a handful who didn’t make it this far. each character has his or her own special weapon (palin has a wicked hockey stick that she turns around and becomes some kind of moose-shootin’ gun!), as well a special moves (hillary can send out a phantom bill to do a bit o’ punchin’ on her behalf; obama sends out a flock of doves!). dang funny stuff, really.

(ht to ian, at ys)

2 thoughts on “kung-fu election”

  1. Man, it took me a while to get a strategy. But I cannot lie… I can’t be Hillary. She’s got this wicked Bill Clinton move that I can’t stop.

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