this is a very cool “kids science center online” game that also teaches basic physics. fun problem solving. i’ve played this for ridiculous amounts of time, and watched others (including my kids) get hooked and do the same.

there was only one level i couldn’t solve, but a friend solved in while i watched (one of the ones with a ton of mirrors, that is just an issue of trial and error).


(ht to bob, some time ago)

4 thoughts on “launchball”

  1. it is only you who gets me so discracted from the things i need to do. It took me 22:32 to figure out that stupid mirror one. “I kept say, 2 more minutes and if i don’t figure it out, I’m done” again and again. Finally i got it. I feel so smart now. There are only a couple left. I might as well finish them now.

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