8 thoughts on “let this be a caution to you, youth worker”

  1. youth ministry has changed.

    some of the dumb playfulness of a decade ago is now considered sexual misbehavior.

    example: hanging a ba with your guys on some passerby used to be funny – now it can be grounds for a law suit that could lead to you having to be licensed as a sex offender. -True

  2. So what do I do…My Senior Pastor gave me a wedgie last week in front of my middle schoolers.

  3. I had so many purple nurples when my guys were freshman that my wife asked me who my girlfriend was. I learned early on that the best defense is a good offense :-).

    Praise God my guys are seniors now and (mostly) above that sort of behavior.


  4. “Youth Ministry has changed”.

    Yeah, and for the better.

    That kind of stupidity, doesn’t promote relationship or anything positive. At its base a wedige is a power play on the other individual.

    Dumb playfullness (which you correlate with a physical gag that is a bully tatic) has no place in the spiritual mentorship of teens. We are not called to be their peers, but ministers and living examples of Jesus.

    Sorry to be a buzzkill, but there needs to be some maturing done with many of our student pastors.

  5. Dave I just read on your blog how you purchased a wedgie just the other day…Wait a second you purchased a Sand Wedge. My bad!

  6. I think the physical aspect of youth ministry can definetly get out of hand, on the other hand, a restraining fear can bind our ministry as well. I think things like wedgies oftentimes are a power play and that we need to be careful of things which injure our guys (especially since they won’t allow themselves to show it).

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