liesl’s coming home!

woo-hoo — liesl (my daughter) just called me (i’m at work for a bit) to tell me the docs decided to release her from the hospital this afternoon! after five days, they finally determined that it was definitely a bacterial infection, “an abscess”. she’ll be on antibiotics for a bit longer, and have some pain meds, but no other worries.

thanks so much for all your prayers!

18 thoughts on “liesl’s coming home!”

  1. YAY!!! I was waiting for this post…I just started checking back with your blog a few days ago and have been wanting an update. Your little girl is coming home Marko! Now, buy her a bell to ring for room service! Seriously though, glad to hear everything is okay!

  2. I’m picturing marko now doing the Snoopy “happy dance”.

    Very glad things are looking up! Praying that everything will be back to “normal” (whatever that means in the oster’s home) very shortly.

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