li’l markie

ok, so, when i was a little kid, my parents occasionally called me “markie” (not regularly, but once in a while). i thought i’d lost li’l markie — but, sadly, he’s resurfaced in a very scary mullet-sporting evangelist:

seriously, all those people sitting passively in that church when that happened? i have to wonder what they were thinking!

(ht to ‘the bob’)

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  1. OMG… what was that? nobody was laughing, so was he serious? i am very uncomfortable right now. i need to pray.

  2. I was NOT ready for that! I thought it was just a weird music spot but when he started that voice, I have to be honest I was shocked! What was that?? lol

  3. Marko, I didn’t know that you could sing. Although I am not sure if that would qualify as singing.

    Don’t you love how cheesy the church can be?

  4. It wasn’t even a good kids voice. Scary. Does he break into the voice on other occasions? Like singing in the shower.

  5. This is why lots of churches suck. Let me know when you find the “Duets” cassette tape those “two” do together.

  6. Wow, this is bad. I can’t believe that no one even reacts to this. I would have been laughing really hard, or walking out. :-)

  7. Dude, I used to listened to this guy’s tapes when I was really little. He would tell stories using this voice. I had no clue what he looked like or saw him perform live…little disturbing.

  8. I so wish I had been warned of the creepiness of this video before I pressed play. Also, I was so distracted by the fact that he kept bending his bible completely in half. That certainly can not be good for it.

  9. i’m speechless… i wonder if the crowd reaction or lack of it) was simply a case of stunned disbelief! I mean WHAT WAS THAT!?! maybe they clapped cos they were as stunned as I am….

  10. LOL! My eyes went from half-closed to wide opened. Do we really have to share heaven with these types? Maybe there will be a Bible Belt in the New Heaven and the New Earth too were people like this can go to and entertain one another. I am going to try and set this video up to my youth group pretending i am making a serious point. I should get a great reaction.

  11. I can hear it now, “I saw a tape of his guy on TBN, he was amazing…and funny. You should look into getting him for your next youth event, the youth will love him.”

    And somewhere in heaven, an angel perishes.

  12. and without a doubt, they congregated afterwards in the church foyer and he was told probably a million times that that song blessed people…christians are the best of liars at times, no?

  13. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. I saw that dude back in the ’80’s at the Christian Artists Seminar where he was a finalist to win the vocal competition. Back in the day ;) many Christian artist’s career were launched at this event. He was back the following year as a performing artist (as in having an agent and probably a recording contract).

    Some agent thought, “this guy has ministry potential” (which translates as “we can make money off him.”

    I know that sounds awful, but that’s how the business of these competitions worked (and why there are so many indie artists today).

  14. This guy’s signature song features Lil Markie singing as an aborted fetus. I’m not making that up. I believe it was called “diary of an unborn child.” You can google it and find it on a few sites.

  15. Yeah so, at first, I thought you were just making fun of some dude who didn’t necessarily deserve it because we’ve all had bad hair cuts and done things on stage we don’t really want everyone to remember. However, when he went into the Bobby’s world voice I lost all compassion for him. I truly was not ready for that wow!

  16. lol oh my gosh! This dude came to my church when I was like 5! Ha ha ha ha. I didn’t think he was great back then, but now, oh my gosh that was freaky.

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