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here’s a quick little logic test (only 15 questions) that reveals your ability to think logically. remember, truth and logic are not always the same thing.

i scored 93%, which i’m pleased enough with. i’m still not sure i completely agree with the one i got wrong; but i won’t argue that here, since i would reveal the correct answer in doing so!

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  1. 93% here as well. I saw the error of my ways… but then I questioned the wording of the conclusion on that one.

    Semantics – Ugh.

  2. 100% and smugness. Marko, can you at least tell us what number you got wrong. That shouldn’t spoil anything.

  3. adam — i got the one about paris wrong (and, saying this, i think, will still tip people off. but, hey, if you get 100%, congrats!)

  4. I got one wrong, too. I still hold my case, though. I wonder if it’s the same one others have gotten wrong.

  5. 15 correct- 100%. I was always good at tests… still struggle with truth.

    I got Paris right- Based solely on the valid or invalid in accordance with the question and the way they had been asking the questions. But I believe their answer is incorrect and I can prove it… but I don’t want to give the answer away.

  6. interesting. i am clearly not a completely logical thinker. are most of you 100%’ers “t” on the meyers-briggs test? i’m an “f” – i scored 86%

  7. I got 93% but the one I got wrong was bull. Beyond the obvious explanation that the quiz gives of why I should have been right, I’ll add a hint to another reason why I disagree: “predict” and “predict with certainty” are two very different things.

    and how did you get the Paris one wrong?

  8. at what point can we start discussing why we think they are right or wrong? LOL one week? two???

    I’m curious to the Paris one too…

    LOL @derry though.

  9. Yes – surely the time has come. (Besides, nobody reads this far down the comments before they tackle the quiz!) Allow me to patronize you with my wisdom re Paris…

    Question 10.
    a) Jenny lives in Paris.
    b) Paris is in New Zealand.

    Therefore Jenny lives in New Zealand.

    Change the names, to A and B
    Question 10.
    a) Jenny lives in A.
    b) A is in B.

    Therefore Jenny lives in B.

    If it helps, imagine that there’s a small suburb of Auckland called “Paris” after the great French town. As they say on the answer page, the logic is valid, even though the conclusion is manifestly false, since Paris is not in New Zealand!

    Smugging it up!


  10. My Problem is 14:

    Question 14.
    The results from a logic test taken by 500 women and 500 men showed that:
    a) Some women are more logical than some men.
    b) Some men are more logical than some women.
    c) The top ten performers were all women.
    d) The bottom ten performers were all men.

    Therefore the results prove that overall women in the test were better than the men at the logic.

    To me, it depends on your view of “overall” and what has to be done to “prove.”

    I’m not saying their wrong – I’m saying the question really isn’t fair. The others were so black and white and could be answered based on the questions. This one was kind of ambiguous.

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