lonely in a crowd?

i’m at soul survivor now, a few hours west of london. It’s an incredible event. week one had 10,000 teenagers and leaders, plus all who run the event. week two was a worship leader event with 1000 concurrent with a college event with 3000. this is the third week (and the staff are understandably tired). there are over 11000 teenagers and youth worker here, plus 900 volunteers and staff, and 100 speakers (like me).

What’s odd about me here (beyond the usual) is that i’m the only person from the US, and i only know two or three people (and even them only a bit). so, it struck me this evening that it would be VERY easy for me to find myself lonely and wallowing in self-pity, if i don’t stay aware of my interior life. i need to choose to see this as an extension of last week’s spiritual retreat (when, ironically, i ended up having very little alone time).

4 thoughts on “lonely in a crowd?”

  1. Wow … I didn’t know they had youth events that large over there – that’s incredible! Will you be able to sight see much? Or are you pretty tied up with the conference?

  2. no sight-seeing on this trip, but i’ve been here many times before. i did drive right past stone-henge yesterday, though. it was a spinal tap moment.

  3. I actually went to Bible school in England … it’s a beautiful country. Although, I did always find it somewhat surreal to be standing at Stonehenge and feel thousands of years in the past … and then have a car whiz by!

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