making the most of the convention

love this list from steve argue about how to make the most of the convention. very closely lines up with what i share in the opening session.

Go to a seminar you disagree with… to understand.

Sit in a different spot each session… try to see from another perspective.

Talk with someone different than you… to learn.

Seek out a youth workder half your age or twice your age… buy them coffee.

Spend time being quiet… resist perpetuating busyness in your life.

Sleep in or stay up late… jolt your natural schedule.

Support local restaurants, avoid places you could eat at from home.

Take the long way… let go of efficiency.

Summarize your notes… share them with someone when you get home.

Walk around the block. Don’t say you’ve been in St. Louis until you’ve done so.

Sing nothing during worship… listen as though you were hearing the words for the first time.

Share with someone what the Spirit was saying to you as you listened throughout the plenary gathering… avoid critiquing the message.

Embrace a quote of the day, image of the day, song of the day, surprise of the day, conversation of the day. Journal them.

Avoid at all costs saying, “When I was here last time…”

6 thoughts on “making the most of the convention”

  1. What about making the most out of the time with your spouse and getting a bottle of wine and going back to the hotel room?? :)

  2. Jen – while always good advice, I think if I ever heard someone else say that from the stage I would probably be offended. Of all of the Yac quotes available, that one in particular, more than any other it seems, belongs to him and him alone.

  3. Great to see you tonight Marko! I can’t believe it has been a year. The “Expectations” seminar was great…I walked away thinking, “This is something EVERY rookie youth worker should hear BEFORE starting their first position.” Good stuff…just realized I didn’t complete an eval for you guys, so I hope that counts! I’m actually blowing the rest of the conference to spend time with my hubby (I only did the one day pass thing anyway…broke, baby coming and no money!). We will send pics of Josh when he is born…due Jan. 23rd! Have a great conference and seriously, I don’t care if you share my story…its all about changed lives, right? See you next year!

  4. speaking of just listening to the song as if for the first time .. crowder evokes a volume and sheer energy from the crowd (hehe) that is glorious to just soak in…. if only he could make my eastercamp kids sing like that.. oh yeah. and hoe-down too.

  5. Jeff,

    I brought that up as a memory of Yac. Yes, I know that quote belonged to him and him alone. I wasn’t saying someone should advise it from stage. It was just a memory of Yac on stage telling all of us to do that as a way to “make the most of the convention”…no reason to get defensive.

  6. Good list and all but he forgot the one rule that cannot ever be broken…

    1. Whatever you do, make sure you go to the Lost And Found late night show.

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