many days, i’m close to dying

this is absolutely frantastic: the ‘death by caffeine’ calculator.

i only need 30 grande cups of starbucks to wave goodbye to caffeine. seriously, i have 1/4 of that most days; and more some days. maybe i should switch to something less ‘risky’, like rockstar energy drink. i can have 99 cans of that a day and be ok (it’s that evil 100th can that would be my personal caffeine tipping point).

(thanks to the always brilliant, but blogless, steve case. seriously, he just got a cell phone a month ago.)

7 thoughts on “many days, i’m close to dying”

  1. I my defense I don’t really have a cell phone.

    I have a “Dad-I’m-going-to-stay-after-school” communication device. Which doubles as my “Okay-Sweetheart-what-dvds-do-we-rent-now-that-Hitch-is-sold-out” communicaiton device.

    Okay, and i used it to take a picture of my own butt once.


  2. no this was priceless…mine was 100.95 cups of brewed coffee before I croaked. .95 what kind of a cup of coffee is that..must be a tea cup size. LOL…beautiful…thanks for the laugh!

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