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holy cow — how have i not heard of this before stumbling onto it today through an incoming feed to my blog? is a MASSIVE list of links to everything even slightly alt.christian (they call it “sites unseen: the best jesus-infused sites you never heard of”). emerging church, neo-monasticism, justice, left and right political commentary, blog-heaven, and clearly a special love for the house church movement. just scrolling through the list of links and looking at the categories (let alone the quantity of links) left me feeling appreciative for the two hosts labor of love.

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  1. Hi Marko! Thanks for the mention. We’ve actually met once, May two years ago at an Emergent thingie in Nashville…I was hanging with my friends at Highway Video…

    I like the gentle chide “even slightly alt.Christian”–sometimes my more purist side wonders if we’re being too inclusive of folks who border on the mainstream, but then I do a general Google search for “Christian sites” and realize that we’re still fairly selective!

    As to astrogirl’s question…that’s a good one. Alternative to what, exactly? At the risk of sounding pretentious, I’ll say alternative to the domestication of Jesus Christ and the commodification of church and gospel; people willing to take fresh, creative, daring and playful looks at what it means to be indwelt by God’s Spirit and gather as friends of Jesus in our current context. I enjoy trolling the web and discovering saints who are using scriptural, cultural, and inner resources to create community around them.

  2. Thanks Mike.
    I felt like I needed a better understanding of what we thought that meant.

  3. astrogirl — i only meant (and i think ‘they’ mean) stuff that’s outside the mainstream of popular christian media. stuff that would be harder to find, for whatever reason.

  4. Hi Mark

    I’m brand new to blogging and “accidentally” happened upon your site. I loved the website and the consecutive numbers post. I posted a blog the other day titled “Why = What + How” and thought you might find it interesting.


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