media from the 2012 summit is available!

you know that time when you had everything all planned for the perfect youth group night, but it relied on a video clip, and the projector would just not cooperate? yeah, GIANT ministries like The Youth Cartel (ha!) have those problems too. we thought we were going to be able to offer video of last year’s uh-maze-ing event, The Summit, within a week or two of the event. but we experienced a perfect storm of tech problems.

finally, after months of shipping strange-format videos around the country, borrowing and buying new ways to play them so we could transfer them (only to find that those ways didn’t work), and asking multiple people for help, we finally have all 18 videos finished.

i watched all of them again in the last two weeks, and was once again thankful and stoked and stirred up. it’s quite the collection of 12 – 15 minute TED-style talks, all geared to spark your youth ministry imagination.

here’s a free sample: amanda drury’s wonderful presentation on Congregations Where Teenagers Have a Voice…

the audio of the event has always been available in our store. but now you can buy video of individual talks, or full sessions (5 or 6 talks), or the whole kitchen sink.

this is the sort of thing you’ll get:

session 1 — the here + now

  • mark moore — Acknowledging our Dependence on God
  • aaron arnold — Global Shifts in Youth Culture
  • nikole lim — Teenagers We Overlook
  • rhett smith — Anxiety in Teenagers
  • brock morgan — Activating the Hearts of Teenagers Who Don’t See a Need for Jesus
  • amanda drury — Congregations Where Teenagers Have a Voice

session 2 — peripheral vision

  • charles lee — Where Good Ideas Come From
  • bobby john — Risk & Faith
  • marah lidey — Best Practices in Activating Young People Around Causes They Care About
  • lucas leys — What We Can Learn from Latin American Youth Ministry
  • ben chestnut — Creating an Environment for Creativity and Empowerment
  • anne jackson — The Process of Creativity

session 3 — the horizon

  • chris folmsbee — Hopeful Imagination
  • andrew marin — Ministry Within Theological Tension
  • seth barnes — Ruining Teenagers and Young Adults for Jesus
  • greg ellison II — Learning to Notice Marginalized Teenagers
  • april diaz — Redefining the Role of the Youth Worker

session 4 — panorama

  • mark oestreicher — Transformation: Resistances and Resources (this one’s a half hour long)

once you purchase the videos, you can stream them (for quick viewing), or download them for viewing at another time or using them to instigate conversation with a volunteer team.

so: click here to see the page on The Youth Cartel store were you can get these babies.

oh, and we’re hip-deep in planning The Summit 2013 (november 8 and 9, in atlanta). i’m completely stoked about our theme and plans for this year’s event. we have 8 of the presenters confirmed so far, and more locking in all the time. we’ll have lotsa info to share on that very soon. you can click here to RSVP for the event, and we’ll notify you the minute registration goes live.

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  1. Completely random thought…

    I’ve gotten so used to Marko writing ONLY in lowercase, that I was completely thrown an a little distracted by the use of Title case in session titles. Especially since you stuck with lower case for the names. I don’t know if that is my ADD or my OCD or some other D, but clearly I have issues. Or need more coffee.

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