mexico, she calls to me

wait — normally, we give nations a feminine article. but as i typed that subject line, i was feelin’ that i’m not sure mexico works as ‘feminine’. hmmm.

the leadership team of youth specialties retreats twice a year for relationship building, visioning, directional issues. for a number of years, we’ve had our summer retreat at a coastal beach house, which our former owner would always find. last year, i took us to forest home. for this year, i looked at the north county san diego coastal places karla had taken us in the past, but they were just too expensive. but i knew the kind of space that really worked for us — where we would all stay in one self-contained place, prepare our own meals, not retreat to different parts of a campus, etc. so i did a little search on rental properties in mexico (our office is about 20 minutes from the mexican border), and found a killer 5-bedroom ocean-front “villa” (that’s probably just rental property talk for “house”) for an amazing price, and it’s only about 20 minutes south of the border.

so we’re off to mexico for the week. 4 are flying in — 8 of us will be together ’til friday. as usual, we need god’s presence with us. if you care about ys, we’d sure love your prayers this week!

(oh, while i don’t expect to be blogging in real time, i do have a couple posts set to go live each day. still, i apologize ahead of time for the semi-shallowness median of the collection of posts this week — it’s mostly stuff i’ve had sitting around in my drafts. funny, though, that i seem to get more imcoming links from funny videos i post than from posts with actual words!)

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  1. Have fun. Make sure to go get Lobster in Puerto Nuevo (if you like small sketchy Mexican Lobster) and fireworks in Rosarito (if you really want something interesting to blog about after the trip) Hi this is Marko. I have Montezumas from bad lobster and lost 3 fingers from a 1/4 stick of dynamite.

    Have a great time though. I love Mexico just south of the border.

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