middle school ministry summit pics

having a great time in michigan at the middle school ministry summit. spring hill camp has been perfect, and gracious hosts to us. and the 45 middle school youth workers who attended are a really sharp bunch (i’ll be posting the notes of our discussion in the next week or two).

yesterday afternoon, we knocked off for some fun times (zipline, paintball). here’s a couple pics:




5 thoughts on “middle school ministry summit pics”

  1. the jr high leaders always get stuck with the dirty work. so when did the power go out? it might be dangerous putting them up there to fix the power lines.
    we only ever repaved the church parking lot.


  2. You wrote: “having a great time in michigan” – that says it all, doesn’t it?

    Lloyd can’t say that right now though………..


  3. Thanks for great couple of days…I came back and told all of my jr. high guys to stomp on their legos. Definitely gotta visit the sweet Irish Pub if we do it here next year. See ya in San Diego.

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