7 thoughts on “mike’s 4th”

  1. I´ve been so blessed with his words,with his generosity and with his life!
    Thanks God for Mike!

  2. hey, you mentioned some pdf file at the convention detailing a neurological development in the brain…something with neurons…could you send that to me? Also, i had to leave early due to the fires in Santa Clarita. One of the volunteers with me nearly lost his home. Anyway, we left without purchasing some of the messages…is there a way to buy those and download them?

  3. steve — sorry, dude, i don’t remember a pdf on that. hmmm. if there’s anything on that, i would have blogged about it at some point, i’m sure. search “brain” on my blog, and i’m sure you’ll find it, if it exists.

    dvds, cds, and mp3 downloads of the convention are all available here: http://ysmp3andcddvd.com/

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