missing yac

my friend mikey reminded me that this sunday would have been yaconelli’s 63rd birthday. man, i really miss him. he continues to have a profound impact on my life. all day today i’ve been soaking in a sermon i’ve giving tonight and sunday at my church, and i can see yac-influence all over it, all over me. my memory of him has taken on some holy-spirit-like qualities — which is pretty funny, if you knew yac. i can often sense him (imagined or real?) peeking over my shoulders (mischieviously) or looking me in the eyes (either with grace or conviction or a strange combination).

2 thoughts on “missing yac”

  1. yep, his fingerprints were all over your message tonight. and a great message it was. nice job! it was thick and chewy. seriously. that’s the best way i can describe it. will be tasting it for a while as i reflect.

    oh, and stacy couldn’t stop laughing at one point. i thot i was going to have to take her out of the room! it was after you showed the photo of michaelangelo’s creation. when you turned back to the podium, the camera angle was such that adam’s, um, member was prominently and directly above your head on the screen. it was VERY funny.

    oh, and the point you shared about the painting was revelatory! wow

  2. Marko gave a wonderful Message last night centered on “You are God’s Chosen” and then went on to discuss suffering and hope. Marko brought out the point that trials take away the old and give us the new and it is hard sometimes even when the new is better. The thought of redemption came to me which is in a way a blending it uses the old to create the new. In the most significant way it is an ability that is unique to God because only He can work backwards through time. The tears of life become diamonds in heaven. It is Cinderella, the two core elements of the story are suffering and redemption. There would be no story at all if she were simply a wonderful princess who married a wonderful prince no matter how wonderful they both were. She is Cinderella because she bore her suffering with patience and grace. (Ro 12:12) the pumpkin becomes a coach the mice become horses the dog a coachman. Disney does such a great job of this so that a perfectly good pumpkin is an even more beautiful coach and yet it still retains it’s pumpkinness “It is redeemed” . In heaven Marko will somehow still be Marko yet the tears he has cried will be collected on his face like so many glorious diamonds reflecting the glory of God. (Ro 8.20-21) Even as men the things we love we desire to redeem.
    One other point about man, when God created everything in the world he Created it from nothing except for man. For man God redeemed the dirt.
    We are His unique creation in more ways than we have capacity to understand. (I John 3:2)

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