mission vs. competency

been doing a bit of thinking lately on the difference between missionally-based organizations and competency-based organizations. here are some of my ruminations:

biblical story of mission vs. competency: the israelites leaving egypt (ex. 14:10-14). of course, there were plenty of reasons the israelites were complaining to moses about taking them out of egypt, especially with pharaoh’s army in view. but i do think there were some competency vs. mission issues in the mix.
– competencies are easier – they’re known
– but missional direction provides us with the things we really want, more deeply:
o meaning
o adventure
o purpose
o being part of something GREAT

i was asked last week to state, in one sentence, where YS is headed. after thinking for a minute, i said:
we want to grow – but we are committed to growth that is missionally-based rather than competency-based.we want to leverage our competencies, certainly – but we’re passionate about staying on mission.

difference between a missionally-based organization and a competency-based organization:
competency-based organizations put primary focus on refining – getting ‘bang for the buck’
missionally-based organizations put primary focus on the mission

competency-based organizations pursue lateral growth
missionally-based organizations pursue focused growth

competency-based organizations leverage competencies into new arenas
missionally-based organizations leverage competencies to serve the mission in new ways

in competency-based organizations, financial dominance becomes a priority
in missionally-based organizations, market dominance becomes a priority

in response to competency-based organizations, customers appreciate the breadth of what’s offered
in response to missionally-based organizations, customers appreciate the focus of what’s offered (‘you know me’)

competency-based organizations connect with customers because customers want the product
missionally-based organizations connect with customers because customers are in relationship with the brand

what’s YS’s mission?
YS exists to encourage, train, resource and challenge christian youth ministry.

we’re thinking about the arenas in which we can continue to fulfill our mission:

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  1. So I am wondering…how does an organization (church) assess and move into a more missionally-based organization…?

  2. I love seeing college ministry in your diagram, it’s forgotten by most churches and incredibly needed.

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