7 thoughts on “mom bakes ex-lax cookies”

  1. I can understand the version of a restraining order, and I can understand the law feeling the need to take this seriously because of the attitude of the mom and the reasons behind the prank – but cuffs and jail time? It was ex-lax, not poison or a weapon… or am I being naive (not as unusual as I’d like)?

  2. Addendum: Mind you, I agree – I don’t want her influencing or helping my kids either… especially any I had to kick out because of anger management problems.

  3. Bwa-ha-ha! This is tooo funny. I’ll bet she did it…one of those “cool mom syndrome” things where you want to be accepted by your kid’s peers.

  4. Hey, that’s how we roll in Maine! (this happened not too far from where I live … yikes!)

    On a side note, when I was in college I jokingly suggested this as a prank against our rival floor and the guys on my floor flipped out they wanted to do it so bad … I barely talked them down from it – and I had no idea you could go to jail for it!!!

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