monday morning update

sorry i TOTALLY spaced on posting my monday morning update last week. in the midst of the pittsburgh national youth workers convention, it didn’t even cross my mind. more particularly, i was in a wrestling match with god (losing, i might add), and an update post was seriously the last thing i was thinking of last sunday night and monday morning.

but here we go, back to it…

the weekend that was: after a few busy ones, this was a nice, low-key weekend. friday night, max, jeannie and i went to trader joe’s, and all chose whatever we wanted for dinner. given that max had, the day before, declared “the four major food groups of max” as chocolate lava cake, lasagna, orange juice, and syrup, he decided to make those four his dinner (much to our chagrin and amusement). i had a pre-cooked beef roast, some cubed sweet potatoes (to which i added butter and brown sugar), and some rice pudding for dessert. we watched ‘journey to the center of the earth‘ on pay per view, then i stayed up way too late catching up on some tivo’d stuff.

saturday was my kids’ school’s ‘harvest faire’ (they’re kinda into seasonal festivals for the whole community). it was a stunning day, weather-wise, and we had a nice relaxed time, chatting with peeps and such. in the evening, we all read books, then liesl and i caught up on 4 episodes of ER!

sunday was church (to which i hadn’t been in weeks), the san diego chargers game at our friends’ house (with chili, which was perfect for a cooler day), and ‘to do list’ stuff in the evening. i’m writing this sunday evening, and we have a fire going in the fireplace, jeannie and max are reading harry potter, liesl is studying in her room, and life is good.

where i am at the moment: in my writing spot this morning, then off to work. but this is a new week in many ways. i sold my mini cooper on friday, and we’re going to try to live through the end of the year with the one car. since jeannie has to drive the kids to school down in san diego, living with one car basically means i’m the one with no car. i have writing mornings planned most days this week, and my writing spot is 5 blocks from home and one block from a san diego trolley stop. there’s also a stop about two or three blocks from ys. it’s $5 round trip, which is a bit of a rip off, but should be do-able. i’m asking for a longboard skateboard for christmas, which would make the walks on either end a bit quicker. it’s going to force me to slow down a bit more — i can’t just say, “hey, i need to be at work in 7 minutes,” and leave. i think there’s a chance i will enjoy this, once i get used to it a bit; but i could be wrong, it might drive me crazy!

we’re pretty sure we’re going to buy jeannie a prius in january. our other car is a saturn vue. i’m toying with selling it while it still has a little value, and getting a vespa, or (maybe?) a piaggio mp3. since i only drive about 5 miles to work, and the weather here is almost universally nice, it seems like it would be practical much of the time.

on my to-do list this week: it’s mostly a catch-up week. but i have 3 or so hours blocked off every morning (except one) to work on the middle school ministry book. i really need to keep making significant progress on this, if i’m going to finish by january 1. i have four chapters done now, and about 9 to go for my half of the book (i’m co-authoring with scott rubin of willowcreek). i also have to re-write the opening session for ys one day this week (third or fourth revision).

procrastinating about: oh, not a whole lot, really. i’m finally making good progress on the middle school ministry book. jeannie and i have some work to do on our taxes, and we’ve been seriously procrastinating about that.

book i’m in the midst of: two, i guess. i’m a few pages away from finishing christopher moore’s island of the sequined love nun; and i’m about a 100 pages into dave livermore’s upcoming release, Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World (which i’ve been asked to read and write an endorsement for — that’s on my “to do” list this week also!).

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: ok, this is a wild one. an amie street email (my favorite website for exploring new stuff) suggested a band to me a week ago. the band is called “king kahn and the shrines.” the album is “the surpreme genius of king khan.” i have listened to it non-stop most of the week.

how to explain? combine old skool funk and blacksploitation music with a bit of the rougher edge of dave matthews, with some doses of rolling stones, the doors, and a bit of punk sensibility. i don’t know, but it’s infectious, and i recommend giving king khan a listen. tasty morsels of fuzzy, buzzy, crunchy goodness.

next trip: nothing this whole week! woo-hoo! my next trip isn’t until the following week, when i head to nashville for the next nywc.

how i’m feeling about this week: okee-dokee! nothing freaking me out too much — should be a good one!

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  1. You are only 5 miles from work? I’d probably just ride a regular bicycle! I might start doing that in the spring, but for me it’s 11 miles one way, so we’ll see.

  2. so, i just got the ys update email. i’m not anti-obama by ANY means, but isn’t it a bit premature to be releasing books about him before he’s served a day as president seems early to me. don’t you think so?

  3. scott — i’m not sure why it’s early. he’s our newly elected president. kids are asking questions about him. and, whatever your politics, his story is unique. please read more about why we published this book by clicking on the “why a book on barack obama” link on this page:

  4. I’ve seen the Update. I’ve read the “Why” PDF link.

    Since this seems like a new endeavor for YS (and for the country in general), will this mark the beginning of an institutional effort by YS to provide material for leaders in their own attempts to link a Christian approach to civic consciousness?

  5. interesting question, derek. hmmm. i’d like to think we try to do that. but i don’t know that it’s been highly strategic. i mean, that’s why we published zack hunter’s book about modern day slavery, and emma sleeth’s book about ecological consciousness. so, it’s not like this is the first time we’ve tried to address a current “civic” issue. but, like i said, we didn’t exactly say, “hey, we need to be a organization that is more proactive about a christian approach to civic consciousness.”

    i’ll try to blog, later today, for a post tomorrow morning, more about the road that led us to this book (which was originally intended to be pair with a book about palin!).

  6. This may be entirely too late to consider, but if there’s to be a companion volume about any particular candidate, I’d suggest that YS not perpetuate what almost became a Palin vs. Obama campaign, and publish a similar book on Senator McCain instead: his faith development while imprisoned (even though some critics have charged that we’ve heard the general story of his POW time “too much” or that he’s “milked it”) in a hostile country would seem to be quite relevant.

  7. I’ll look forward to reading that post :)

    And with regards to previous publications, it’s obvious (at least to me anyway) then that it’s a case of timely efforts to inform the youth ministry “demographic.”

    President-elect Obama’s win in the election is obviously a watershed moment for this country, given the history involved. That being said, maybe I’m just not aware of it (in which case I apologize), but what has YS done with regards to a Christian response to the ongoing Native American struggle in the US? Or understanding and approaching issues surrounding Islam in the post-9/11 age? Immigration? I mean extensive volumes, too, not just cursory glances or discussion starter guides or talking points.

  8. i certainly understand why ys would want to get involved in equipping leaders to answer student’s questions/concerns/excitement about obama. i’m just amazed at how quicly (less than a week!) this material is put out. would have been released as early had he lost? i’m looking forward to your post. again–i support president-elect obama, i’ve just never seen such a publications blitz like this. i’m more curious than critical. i’m looking forward to nashville.


  9. on a side note, the mp3 looks totally awesome, lol! Go with it! It looks like a sled on wheels! So fun! I wish I lived in a climate I could get one, snow for 6 months of the year is not conducive to scooters.

  10. I am guessing that the reason my post was deleted was because I posted it on the blog for the Obama book instead of here where it should have been.

    So I will post it again here.

    Marko, what is going on with you? You are recommending the album ‘The Surpreme Genius of King Khan.” above in your blog. Not only that, but you have an link to the album where you make a percentage off of each sale.

    I looked up the lyrics of these songs that you are recommending to youth and youth workers and was even more shocked than the Obama position you have taken.

  11. mike — yeah, i deleted your other comment because it was seriously out of place (i rarely delete comments). even here it seemed like an attempt to discredit me on my own blog. so, i’ve left an edited version of the comment here.

    i don’t make anything from amazon for links. you have to have a merchant account set up for that.

    mike, would you like to talk? you seem particularly interested in slamming me. i’d be happy to have a phone chat in the next couple days.

  12. My apologies Marko. I jumped the gun on the Amazon links. Also, I should have contacted you privately on that instead of posting that or the lyrics of the songs you recommended on your blog. I know better than to handle conflict like that, and I am truly sorry. I ask for your forgiveness.

  13. ryan, the working title is…


    it’s gonna really blow you away…

    here it is…

    “middle school ministry”

    mind blowing, huh?

  14. Marko,

    Man… where did you come up with such an amazing title? That’s incredible! hehehe.

    Thanks Marko. I do appreciate it and look forward to reading both of your new books (YM 3.0 and Middle school ministry).

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