monday morning update

the weekend that was: nywc in nashville, baby! awesome. i’m wiped out, as i should be.

where i am at the moment: in my room, preparing for my closing general session talk.

on my to-do list this week: wrap up the convention, have dinner with the ys staff who are here, then fly home tuesday. a day of writing and catching up in the office, then a few wonderful days of relaxing with my fam over the thanksgiving weekend.

procrastinating about: nuttin’ in particular.

book i’m in the midst of: anne rice’s spiritual autobiography, called out of darkness

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: i downloaded a wad of old favorites from the 80s christian music scene (from this website), and put them all in a playlist that i have listened to, with great joy, all week: undercover, altar boys, 77s, riki michelle, adam again, mercy seat, daniel amos, vector, lifters, the call, and many more.

next trip: home, tomorrow! then, i head to our canadian convention mid-week next week.

how i’m feeling about this week: looking forward to some rest!

13 thoughts on “monday morning update”

  1. Where did you find the 77s downloads? All Fall Down is still one of my favorite albums of all time.

    Great weekend at YS Marko! Good work!
    Rest well,

  2. No comment on the “how you are feeling about this week?” question huh? I said an extra prayer for you this weekend because I recall you mentioning that you weren’t feeling well going into NYWC. Did the cold pass you by?


  3. terry, i added a link in the post. you can get stuff free, but the download is very limited. i paid for the 3-day pass, and got everything i wanted for about $5.

  4. undercover, altar boys, 77s, riki michelle, adam again, mercy seat, daniel amos, vector…
    My hubby and I sat in front of the computer last evening and watched a ton of youtube videos of most all of these artists you mentioned. Love the 77’s and Adam again. Never ever get tired of them.

  5. Marko, great weekend. I met you last night. Salvation Army guy who said “this is the event we cut our ties off for.” Anyway, I have a name for you if you need a great female speaker for next year. Let me know?

  6. I just want to say thank you! I have been in what feels like a dark place to me, a place of feeling like I was ostricized from God. But God has been chasing after me and drawing me back to himself. He continued this process through Youth Specialities-Nashville. God has restored and refreshed me. Thank you for being open to the Holy Spirit and for allowing Him to work in deep and meaningful ways in the lives of the people you are ministering to. God bless you as you continue the journey He has you on.

  7. Marko, enjoyed Saturday morning with you in your suite. (i was the old guy in the back row from Oklahoma) You want to know something that is sure to get a few things stirred up…I have a guy here who wants to get sold out, to be salt to our teens and others. The big deal that will ruffle feathers is that he drives a beer truck for a living. Thanks for a great conference and I am trying my best to celebrate our 25th at Cininati next year!

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