monday morning update, february 16, 2009

the weekend that was: really great weekend with my family. friday night, jeannie and max and i got carry-out and watched “twins” on pay per view (ya know, that old one with danny devito and ah-nold). slept in on saturday really late. bumped around during the day. jeannie and i went out for a valentine’s day glass of wine. then the four of us went to dinner and to see coraline in 3d (which, i thought, did not come close to meeting the hype). sunday morning, i had breakfast with a close friend i haven’t gotten to spend enough time with lately; then he dropped me at the airport, where i flew to grand rapids. missed my connection in chicago by a few minutes (argh), and had to wait 3 1/2 hours for the next flight. but my friend (and zondervan co-worker) john raymond’s lovely wife was on my flights, and we had a nice time hanging out.

where i am at the moment: zondervan, in grand rapids. but only for a day. in fact, i’m here a total of 19 hours, including sleep. fly home tonite. was going to hang with pete vandersluis last night — was bummed to miss that due to my late flight.

on my to-do list this week: i’ll be in the office for three days this week, and am looking forward to getting caught up on some stuff. i got the developmental editor’s work back on the middle school ministry book, and have to respond to his questions and re-write suggestions by thursday. i haven’t been with my middle school guys small group in SO long, as i missed a couple weeks in late january, then we had two weeks off for other things that were happening in our church’s youth ministry. so i’m really looking forward to being with them on wednesday night. then, my kids have this whole week off school. max and i are having an “overnighter” in our backhouse on tuesday night (for… “the talk”). and thursday night, we’re all driving down to mexico to stay in the little beach house of some friends from church through sunday morning.

procrastinating about: well, i can’t procrastinate about the MSM book this week — have to get the edits done. but there’s still other work to do on it that i’m procrastinating about.

monkeyandthefishbook i’m in the midst of: finished jack handey’s what i’d say to the martians. still somewhere in the middle of the know it all (geez, i think i’ve been reading it in fits and starts for half a year!), as well as are you there, vodka? it’s me, chelsea. and i started dave gibbons’ new book, the monkey and the fish.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: had the party shuffle on this week. but i noticed that i always took note when an alannis morrisette song came on, or a rufus wainwright song. both such amazing songwriters.

next trip: after i get home tonite, i don’t have a flight for more than a month! i do have our junior high pastors summit in a few weeks, but it’s just a drive, up to forest home, NE of LA.

how i’m feeling about this week: not just this week, but i’m really looking forward to being home for a long stretch.

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  1. sorry, joel — this isn’t one of the ys summits that we cancelled. this is the jh pastors summit i host each year that’s an invitation-only dealio

  2. Well as many parents, amd you will know– After “the Talk” with Max you will be greatly wiser from his teachings… Love being a parent

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