more frustration on ym 3.0

got a wonderful email from a friend in youth ministry, who had just read youth ministry 3.0. here’s what he wrote:

Just reading your blog, Marko. I received a copy of YM3.0 the other day. Couldn’t sleep last night so I stayed up and read it all the way to the end. I think Kurt nailed it…it does make you think deeply about youth ministry and where it’s heading.

Not to be nit picky. I’ve got to ask this. I felt like (as a reader) you really set me up to drink up the “how do we get there” section (chapter 6). But, the How was just that one chapter, and there were a lot of places where I was reading and thinking “Oh Marko…say more here!”. Maybe you were wanting to leave me wanting you to say more, and launch me into thinking outside the framework you were offering. Can you let me inside your mind regarding chapter 6? Were you wanting to paint broad strokes?

Thanks for challenging us.

here’s how i responded:


On ch 6 — well, the book wasn’t meant to be a practical “how to” book by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a cultural analysis and a theoretical proposition, with some theology thrown in the mix. Even adding a chapter of implications was the hardest work of the whole book, because it wasn’t what I set out to do — but I thought I at least needed to throw people a bone to land the plane a bit. Really, there’s just no way to be completely prescriptive on this stuff, yet, for a couple reasons:
no one knows exactly what this will look like. We still need TONS of experimentation.
the whole point is to contextualize, and to strip away programs. So getting too detailed on the practical stuff kinda goes against the whole point of the book!

Rock on, bro.

man, i love that the book is stirring people up like this!

4 thoughts on “more frustration on ym 3.0”

  1. Can’t wait to get my copy!! I ordered it yesterday, but the YS Store e-mailed this morning and said it’s backordered til 1/19/09. Maybe I’ll pick it up in Nash-vegas if I haven’t gotten it before then… bummer!!

  2. Marko. I love your response here…especially the last line. As a youth pastor I’m frustrated with my profession in that we’ve forgotten (or perhaps never learned how to) think theologically for ourselves. I can’t think you enough for not spoon feeding us into “the new way”. We have too many how-to “resources” out there that are hurting us more than they are helping. We must learn to think theologically for ourselves within the context our God has placed us in. Thanks for your work and your thoughts here!!

  3. I simply can’t wait… And by can’t wait… I mean just that. I’m too impatient. Since its on backorder everywhere but apparently available at YS Conventions nationwide is there any possible way that someone can buy an extra one and I can buy it from them? That would be… very cool. I could also send you some money in advance. I just can’t wait until January… That’s like 3 months.

  4. i felt the same way as your “friend in youth ministry” when i first read it.. mostly because I wanted it to dive deeper into the ideas and thoughts around experimentation … simply because i find those conversations so refreshing and challenging and awakening…

    BUT within nanoseconds, i came to the conclusion that the addition of that last section needed to be just what it was – otherwise it’s yet another prescriptive remedy, when what’s required is honest, simple attention to detail in each of our own very unique environments.

    there are so many ministry books that end with a ‘proven’ methodology or solution for us to implement – the greatest innovation of YM3.0 will hopefully be thinking, intuitive and engaged youthworkers doing their thing…

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