ms dos 5.0 upgrade training video




no, really — would we have ever thought this was cool? i mean, i know our collective barometer of taste has changed. but, really?

dude, the part at the end where the two listeners stand up and start dancing? i almost lost it.

10 thoughts on “ms dos 5.0 upgrade training video”

  1. That’s why everyone that’s “IN” knows its the best ms-dos to use with windows.
    Only thing sweeter is if the Fresh Prince made a cameo appearance.

  2. Wow… that might be the best thing I’ve seen all week.
    The only question I have: Where do you think all these people are now?

  3. Mesmerizing. I am sure that it will haunt me for days.
    I am pretty sure that is Dan Webster, right?

    Dan, if this gets back to you, you gotta admit it looks a lot like you.

  4. yeah, i’m pretty sure it was all a joke. the rap was horrendous even for suburban, middle-aged white middle-class back in the 80s (remember Ted Danson’s ‘rap’ for a newscast back in Cheers? it wasn’t as bad. or even Homer’s rapping, skateboarding dog on Itchy and Scratchy. still not as bad).

    and the real giveaway was the online help. was that even really available then?

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