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how did i miss this guy all these years? “half-handed cloud” is the solo act of one of sufjan steven’s touring band members. my friend dave palmer writes:

John Ringhofer ( a member of Sufjan Stevens’ touring band) records and tours under the name Half-Handed Cloud. It’s an almost unexplainable mixture of toy instruments, Brian Wilson meets Flaming Lips with no budget, and as much pure joy as The Polyphonic Spree – all from one guy. HHC’s new record, HALOS & LASSOS, is out now and he’s on tour as I type. I can’t recommend this enough – particularly the live show.

i find great delight in danielson (in all their various incarnations: danielson familie, danielson family, tri-danielson, danielson). and half-hearted cloud has a similar vibe to me (though is more accessible than danielson): great jesus-y lyrics full of oddity and creativity, over some of the quirkiest music beds you’ll find anywhere. i found that iTunes has FIVE half-hearted cloud cds, going back to 2001. again, i ask, how did i miss this guy?

(ht to dave palmer)

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  1. Glad you’re on board, Marko, but you may want to edit the band name from “half-hearted cloud” to half-handed cloud” – just a suggestion. And now I’ll return to the “I’m So Sheepy” EP.

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