my 2014 travel year, by the numbers


  • Trips (not including personal stuff): 31
  • Stops (some trips had more than one stop): 46
  • Airline mileage: 144,742
  • Flight segments: 141


  • Train segments: 1
  • Nights in a hotel, camp, conference center or guest bed: 124
  • US States visited (not including layovers): 17 (CA, MI, GA, MA, CT, PA, NJ, SC, OH, WA, NC, AL, CO, TX, TN, VA, IN)
  • Foreign countries visited: 3 (England, Canada, Belize)
  • Car rentals (not including a couple in-town rentals): 34
  • Car rental Days: 86
  • Nights stuck in a layover city due to missed connections: 4


3 thoughts on “my 2014 travel year, by the numbers”

  1. Hey Marko, you ran in to Temple Grandin? Sweetness. Any specific reason you knew who she was or was excited to get a pic with her? Just curious!

  2. @luke — randomly ran into her at TSA in the nashville airport. i said, “hey, you’re temple grandin, right?” “yes, i am.” i said, “you have challenged and encouraged me with your story.” then, we pulled aside and had an awesome and awkward (only for me) conversation with her peppering me with questions about HOW, exactly, she had challenged and encouraged me.

    oh, and i found out later that day that it was her birthday. i was totally bummed i hadn’t known that when i’d chatted with her!

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