my cannibalism likelihood

well, i’m relieved to know i’m less than 50% likely to eat my friends, if i had no other option. timely, considering how hungry i am on this diet.


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8 thoughts on “my cannibalism likelihood”

  1. Don’t go hungry – eat more fruits and veggies, or add a clear broth soup. Seriously, it will help.
    Oh, and that picture is seriously gross. Eew.

  2. I was 39%. I’m not sure whether I’m happy about that or not. I think the fact that I like Sushi hurt me a little bit.

  3. Only 24% – so I guess if I am with you guys I would get eaten!

    I am hungry every night as my biggest change has been cutting the evening snacking – which I now realize how much I did!

  4. i was 37% likely. quite honestly, i have no clue what that really means, but i’m sure my shrink will have fun with it at my next session…

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