my favorite haiti pics, so far

after three days, these are my favorite photos from our trip to haiti:

max tries to use his elementary school french class memory to buy some water for us from a street vendor:


adam photobombs an awesome kid i was playing with at an orphanage:


with praying pelican staff member eric, my beard brother:


an unfortunately mis-translated stenciling on the wall outside the airport (i think it’s supposed to say “arrested”):


our amazing praying pelican host, jim noreen, with sister mona, quite possibly the sharpest firecracker of an orphanage leader i’ve ever met:


lunch with the youth group from columbia baptist church (falls church, VA), in the mountain town of hinche:


cross town traffic:


max and adam devouring some amazing sugarcane:


this little beauty, enjoying some simple play with a youth group, at an orphanage:


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