my florida/michigan tour

this morning, i leave on a 10 day trip. i’m speaking 12 times at 7 events. it’s nuts. i’ve never done anything like this — it’s just the way these things ended lining up. my kids and i have been jokingly referring to it as my “east coast tour”; but, of course, east coast peeps would know that’s only what a teenagers in california would call it, since i’m only going to florida and michigan.

i’m really looking forward to each of these opportunities, but i’m sure i’ll be a bit fuzzy-headed by the end!

friday, april 30: fly to orlando, drive to ft myers, florida.

saturday, may 1: speak 4 times at the refuel conference, a youth ministry event in ft myers, florida.

sunday, may 2: a down day. probably would have been better to have this later in the run; but it is what it is. and i’ll be in a beach front condo in ft myers, so i’m not complainin’!

monday, may 3: drive up to orlando, give the opening keynote at a salvation army youth minsitry event. greg stier and ron luce are two of the other two speakers at this event, and i have meal plans with both (which i’m really looking forward to).

tuesday, may 4: two seminars at the salvation army event in orlando, then an evening direct flight from orlando to flint, michigan (who knew there was a direct from orlando to flint!?). drive to midland, michigan.

wednesday, may 5: speak in the morning for a lutheran church missouri synod (lcms) pastors gathering. afternoon, speak at an lcms youth ministry retreat. both in midland, michigan.

thursday, may 6: continue with the lcms youth worker retreat, then drive to grand rapids in the afternoon. dinner with a friend and overnight at his house.

friday, may 7: breakfast with another friend. in the afternoon, participate in a youth ministry forum at calvin seminary (in grand rapids, michigan). in the evening, speak to the youth ministry volunteer team of a church in holland, michigan.

saturday, may 8: speak at a youth ministry network gathering in holland, michigan.

sunday, may 9: fly home.

whew. i’m winded just writing it all out. hope i have all my talks ready and travel information correctly in my blackberry. i’m bringing three books along with me (teen 2.0, which i’m 1/4 into, the promise of despair, and half the sky, which i read the first 1/3 of months ago before jeannie swiped it from me).

3 thoughts on “my florida/michigan tour”

  1. Re: day 4. The reason for a direct flight between Orlando and Flint has MUCH more to do with the MI to FL direction than the FL to MI direction… you’ll either be on an empty plane or one filled with MI folk who dont really want to return.

    Alternative explanation: Flint is far cooler than you remember. Even the folks who live in Orlando want to go there!

  2. Marko –
    Just wanted to say thanks for taking the trip down here to Ft. Myers for the youthworker training on Friday. I am so glad you came and we got to hear from you. You’re always a breath of fresh air (on blog or in seminars), and your words on our “hope” where spot-on. what I enjoy most in hearing from you is the knowledge that you are constantly learning, and we get to share in the fruits of that. Blessings to you on the east coast swing and hope you make it down here again!
    grace and peace – Andy

  3. Ron Luce and Greg Sier are amazing guys…I’d love to do lunch with both of them too! Put in a word for me Marko! Is the event for students or leaders (seems too early for students to be doing camp yet…).

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