my new band name

i’m at starbucks this morning, as i am almost every morning this month (and will be next month), trying to climb this freakin’ hill called “writing two books by may 1”.

anyhow, i was just writing about the coney, the cute and furry and defenseless little creature called wise in proverbs 30:24-28. and i was trying to explain, in words a middle schooler could understand, what “crags” are (since that’s where coneys make their homes, and that’s why they’re called wise).

and it hit me. “The Crags” would make such a GREAT name for a band! So i’m creating a fictional band right this second, and we’re naming ourselves The Crags. Dude, seriously, we so rock! you should hear us!

9 thoughts on “my new band name”

  1. Step away from the book writing. It sounds like your mind is melting and you beginning to wonder too much about Coney’s and where their habitates. (BTW, I always thought coneys where a type of hot dog that lived in my stomach for a short time after consumption.)

  2. That’s funny, I’m sitting here at starbucks also trying to write two books by May 1st. It’s quite a coincidence, but I also came up with a new band name. I’m calling my band “Marko better quit fantasising about bands and keep writing, and I better quit reading his stupid blog”. I know it’s not a super catchy name, but I’m thinking we’ll just go by the initials: “MBQFABAKWAIBQRHSB”

  3. oh, we’re post-punk/modern rock. people often say we sound like Arctic Monkeys or Keane, with a bit of Green Day tossed in.

  4. Dude, that’s awesome!! My youth group’s praise band announced tonight that they’re taking suggestions for a name other than their current moniker “Praise Band”. Mind if I suggest it??

  5. was just in Proverbs 30 and came up with a ministry called gutter-ants for 28:25… I like the swarm of locusts as well in v.27.. Goes along with the prophet who speaks of the swarm and how God is at the head of his army of locusts in Joel 2.

    Anyway, I like the teaching on coneys and crags… it has always reminded me that many times the wise thing is to stay small and hidden.

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