my new t-shirt

today i am sporting a brand-new t-shirt, made by uber-creative youth worker and ys author, steve case. this is my third shirt he’s made me over the years — the first two being classic paintings of jesus: in one jesus is wearing a larry-boy (veggie tales) t-shirt; in the other, jesus is wearing a ys t-shirt.

my new shirt simply has a verse of scripture on it. glancing at it, it looks just like any other scripture shirt one might purchase for one’s idiot-self at a christian bookstore (how’s that for biting the hand that feeds me?). but the verse, in the not-so-widely-used contemporary english version, is proverbs 10:13, which says:

if you are wise it will show when you speak. if you are stupid you will be beaten with a stick.

mmm. wisdom to live by. wisdom to wear, as i proudly do today.

18 thoughts on “my new t-shirt”

  1. I know a lot of people that could the second half applies to. lol. Cool shirt. (sometimes it applies to me.)

  2. We should start an obscure verse marketing campaign!

    We could put them on hard candy wrappers and sell them as “Testamints!”

    “The noise of a quarelsome wife is like a constant dripping” – like that one

  3. your ‘no ukes’ t-shirt is coming – i promise!! we just got home from our whirl-wind tour of the north east – didn’t go home after nywc/pitt – but on to tour the coast – whew!

    i try to order your’s tomorrow – steve’s is hysterical!

  4. So am I allowed to make comments about the special yellow convention T-shirt or is that forbidden?

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