my newest tattoo

i’ve been hankering for a new tattoo (my 5th) for some time now. i had this idea of getting my wife and kids’ initials inked, in some sort of interlocking monogram style.

so, while jeannie and i were in hawaii a few weeks ago, celebrating our 25th anniversary, it seemed like a good reference point to get it done. i got a recommendation from a local, met with the artist and told him what i was thinking, and he drew it up. in old school tattooing letters, that’s a J (for jeannie), M (for max), and L (for liesl). each letter is filled with the favorite color of that person. i’m really happy with how it turned out, and that it’s in a place where i can see it everyday, reminding me of my priorities and my love for my family.

3 thoughts on “my newest tattoo”

  1. How does your friend Jesus like it? (Leviticus 19:28)
    It’s not my fear of needles (I donate platelets regularly) . . . it’s my fear of disobeying My LORD!?
    I am NOT being “snarky” here . . . I am GENUINELY INTERESTED in your explanation to today’s youth ♥

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