my new(est) vice

logo.gifcurses on my friend dave palmer, for introducing me to the music download site, amie street.

it’s a new download site, mostly filled with indie stuff, but of all genres. and, get this: the price of songs and albums starts really low, then goes up as the popularity of the download increases. so, in the last few days, i’ve downloaded about 7 albums for a grand total of about 15 dollars. it’s crazy. it has an easy-to-use player built in, so you can listen to whatever you want – nice extended pieces of every single song. there’s some kind of recommendation thing also (i’ve “earned” a bunch of them with my purchases), but i haven’t quite figured out how to use them yet.

i’m finding all kinds of cool stuff i’d like to try, and am able to purchase them at dirt-cheap prices.

seriously, any music lover has to check this thing out!

4 thoughts on “my new(est) vice”

  1. Matt got me hooked on this awhile back when I was collecting info about cool new artists or bands that I might enjoy. It really is a great little site. Good post for the music peeps out there.

  2. Sweet, thanks for the pass along. Checking it out just now, it actually has some pretty sweet bands like interpol and Thom Yorke on there. Thanks bro.

  3. thanks for the tip on a great site. now between this and itunes i’ll probably be even more broke than most YM’s but i’ll be rockin the best tunes

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