my plans for 2010 (and beyond?)

ok, time to go public with my plans.

after a few months of prayerful discernment, loads of phone calls and face-to-face meetings to seek input and refine my thinking, and a good deal of new clarity about what i am not called to (as well as what i am called to), i’ve landed on a plan, at least for the rest of this year (though maybe longer). it’s a bit confusing, to be honest, because there are a bunch of aspects to this that allow me to create some space for the wide variety of things i love to do.

part 1
but, the bottom line is that i’m launching a consulting business aimed at the sweet spot of helping organizations with a justice/relief/global issues/education focus with anything pertaining to youth and young adults. i’ll also work with publishers and other organizations, if those came up. i’ve got some great stuff percolating at the moment, with work for a relief agency, a missions group, and a publisher for whom i’m developing a couple bible concepts in this sweet spot.

part 2
i’m going to continue speaking (primarily to youth and youth ministry events), which involves opening my calendar for the rest of this year. and i’ll continue one-off church consulting. these things both supplement my income as i try to get the consulting thing going, but i also love doing them. i’ve got some great stuff on the calendar between now and the end of may, but need to start booking some things for the summer and fall (and, i still really need to find a couple more opportunities per month in march, april and may!). i’ll blog about my speaking calendar in the days to come. i’ve also had a blast with a few one- and two-day church consulting opportunities, and hope i can some more of those.

part 3
writing. i’ve been wanting to take a step, as an author, to write something for church leaders or general christian living. i signed with a literary agent, and we sifted through a couple dozen ideas i had this past week. we’ve landed on one for now, and i’m going to flesh out that proposal and see where it goes.

part 4
i’m going to launch a year-long youth ministry coaching program i blogged about the other day. i’m hoping this will also grow into something bigger, with multiple sites; but i won’t know that until i test it once here in san diego.

i think it’s highly unlikely that i won’t want to stay 100% freelance guy for the rest of my life; and i’m thinking that, a year from now, i may be looking to either embed myself into an organization with a global consciousness (particularly in the areas of justice/relief/advocacy/education) and function as a global youth and young adult specialist for them, or develop the youth ministry coaching program more fully, or some combination of the two.

now, i need to create a simple website for the consulting work i hope to do, as well as launch the youth ministry coaching program (plus all the ticky-tack issues like figuring out health care for my family and stuff like that). lots to do, and i’m pretty pumped about it all!

8 thoughts on “my plans for 2010 (and beyond?)”

  1. Sounds like a busy year, Marko! Best of luck in this, and whatever else God ultimately calls you to do/be.

  2. fantastic! I’m especially excited because I feel like you’re definitely doing what you *want* to do, and *can* do. Thank you so much for letting us get a glimpse into your journey through this process–it’s been a wonderful gift of transparency and vulnerability.

    Congratulations on fleshing out this first year!

  3. Glad to hear all the updates. Hope you aren’t too toasty in a year to embed yourself again. We all love sucking your brain (for the glory of GOD, not some zombie thing.)!

  4. Awesome…sounds like a great plan…our family is keeping you in our prayers…for you and your family

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