my rock-and-roll fantasy, part 2

a few weeks ago, i got to sing a silly song with the best christian rock worship band from canada now living in nashville backing me up (starfield, that was).

now, i get to complete my experience. i’m in denver, waiting for my next plane, on my way. and it’s all part of my rock-and-roll fantasy (were you singing that? thanks, bad company).

today, i begin my mini-tour with the david crowder band (or, DC*B for hipsters). yup, for the next three days, i’ll be “on tour” (whoa, did you see that band lingo?) with the band. no, i’m not their “tour pastor”. i’m more of a roadie-for-three-days — though dave says he refuses to let me do any work. i’ll be sleeping on their tour bus, in one of those little cubbie bunks, and generally hanging out with my friends. oh, and i’ll likely be discovering how jaw-droppingly boring touring is (don’t most bands say that? i’ll be able to say that: “oh, EVERYTIME i’ve been on tour, it’s just, like, SO boring. i mean, you can have great food and no responsibility and stuff, but, you know, there’s just not much to do that’s really cool, man. i mean, i dig the live music, and i totally FEED off the energy of the fans, man. but most people don’t know just how boring the other 22 hours are… man.”).


i ASSUME i’ll be able to blog, since dave always seems quick in responding to emails.

7 thoughts on “my rock-and-roll fantasy, part 2”

  1. i’ll just be at the KC show and the Kearney, NE show. i’ll be in OKC (norman, OK), but leave just before the show.

  2. Hawaii? Now a roadie? Gosh! Marko, let me know when YS requires you to have a personal traveling assistant. I’d be the first to apply. hehe.

  3. remember the rules of the tour bus.

    sleep with your feet toward the front of the bus.
    and never, ever under any circumstances poop on the bus.

  4. i missed the show when they were in Dallas a few weeks ago…was my wife’s bday. i’d love to see a DC*B performance. if you were going to be at the austin show, we were thinking about headin’ down there.

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