my valentine’s day gift

i thought up this little t-shirt slogan, and submitted it to threadless text tees; but it wasn’t chosen. so my amazing wife (with a little help from my son) found a website where she could have it custom made for me, and gave it to me for valentine’s day. nothing says “be my valentine” like a shirt that says, basically, “i’m a loser.” somehow, in my opposite world, it was the perfect valentine’s day gift.

btw: i got her perfume. but, it was the perfume i gave her for her birthday on our first nice date, 27 years ago.

4 thoughts on “my valentine’s day gift”

  1. #1 – I voted for that t-shirt! It should have won!
    #2 – You gave her perfume on your first date!?! And I love the addition of the word “nice” in that sentence.

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