national youth workers convention seminars and general sessions

many have asked how to get recordings from the national youth workers conventions. they are available here, cds and mp3s of the seminars and general sessions (talks only), as well as dvds of the general session talks.

the company we work with to provide recordings revamped their technology and built this site in order to be able to offer mp3s this year, which is fantastic. in addition, they have the cd and dvd (not mp3) content available from all the conventions back to 2003.

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  1. I’m still pretty shocked at the price of this. I think that attendees should be able to get a HUGE discount, if not have them for free. $6 is pretty outrageous compared to other similar digital media.

  2. luke — attendees did get them at a reduced rate at the event. the recording is all done by a small company that has to fly in, set up and monitor the recordings in all the seminars, get it all uploaded or duplicated. they are a for-profit company, but they’re not making a killing off of it, i’ll say that.

    sorry it doesn’t work for you.

  3. I attended the San Diego NYWC and it blew my face with its awesomeness. It also nearly caught on fire, but that’s an aside. My question is unrelated to your actual blog topic, but I fell in love with those “Bible Stories Seldom Illustrated” and can’t find them anywhere. Is there a company name or a link you could give us so we can track those down? Thanks for all you do!

  4. mark — we’re going to be posting all the convention media to the ys website for free download in the next couple weeks.

  5. Marko,

    I hope you are having a great holiday with your family. I have just a quick question pertaining to the audio tracks available for download. I led one of the early bird seminars in Atlanta and would like to post the audio of the seminar on my blog as a resource along with the seminar notes. I purchased the audio for “Broken Homes, Broken Families, Broken Hearts: Mending Hurting Teenagers in a Broken World”, and would like to upload it to my blog, but I am concerned about breaking any copyright laws…

    So…am I able to do this?

  6. Marko,
    All I have to say, is every time I have attended a YS conference I have been blessed beyond belief…I attended your seminar about Expectations of a youth pastor, and was cracking up inside about the same attitude that we have towards Life…I believe….I do not really give a crap what people think…..I am gonna do what God has called me to….Anyways, I really appreciate all that you all do….and way to take Holly away from Lima, Ohio….just messin…..


  7. Friends,

    The first time I heard Tony Campolo speak was in the early 1980’s (1980-1984) at aa Youth Specialties convention in Portland, OR. He spoke on the topic of science and the Bible, or religion and the Bible. It was fantastic and I literally wore the cassette tape out. Any chance you can get me in touch with whoever would have a copy of that that I can buy in MP3 or CD format? Thanks and Godspeed.


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