new baggy pants law in — of all places — louisiana

i’m not quite sure what to think of this, really. after typing this, that first sentence wasn’t accurate: i’m totally opposed to this. while i’m no fan of guys wearing their pants (or shorts) halfway down their butts (or more), i also think, well, it’s it actually harmful? aren’t there other teenage issues worth our effort. but cities are starting to pass laws outlawing the look.

here’s what totally blows me away: shreveport, louisiana just passed legislation making the baggy/saggy look illegal. louisiana. home of “show me what you got and i’ll toss you a cheap string of beads” city of new orleans. potentially the most morally loose state not called nevada. and, yet, shreveport city councilwoman joyce bowman is quoted as saying, “I’m tired (of) looking at behinds.”

fascinating. most issues of taste or morality have voters on both sides of the issue, causing debate in the public forum. but on an issue like this, the only baggy pants proponants would be those with no voting rights. seems like both a waste of legislation, and questionable moral ground.

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6 thoughts on “new baggy pants law in — of all places — louisiana”

  1. As much as I personally dislike that look, I too am opposed to this law because of how closely that look is associated not only with youth culture, but with African American youth culture. It stinks of “why cant those boys just dress like nice white kids?”

  2. Ah Yes, the American way… don’t deal with the root of the problem – just make a law. We don’t have better, bigger, more important things to deal with than to make laws about how people should dress?

  3. If she’s so tired of looking at behinds, why doesn’t she quit looking down so much? It just bugs me to hear them wasting time on things like this when there are other more important things to deal with. I could probably go on and on and list them.

    I think Jennifer makes a good point, too.

  4. I can’t think of a single positive thing this law will do. Most people who are xenophobic of other cultures tend to dislike teenagers anyway so it won’t even help them live any less offended anyway! I can’t believe it was unanimous, was Helen Lovejoy on that board (“Won’t somebody think of the children!!!”)?

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