new discussion thread on facebook ym3.0 group

the facebook discussion group for youth ministry 3.0 is more than 1600 people strong. there’s been a little lag in discussion over the holidays; but it’s time to ramp it up again.

i’ve posted a new discussion thread, on the topic of “communion”:

in the book, i write about moving beyond our ideas of community, to a goal of “communion”. i define this as “true community with christ in the mix.”

part of the reason i didn’t want to use the word “community” is that it comes with lots of pre-conceived ideas: all of us have a desire to experience community in our youth groups, and we’ve often built programs to that end.

the questions i’d like us to wrestle with here are:
– what might communion look like in your context?
– for those of us with programs in place to build “community” (small groups, etc), how might we envision something more, something deeper?
– and, then, how do we get from here to there?
– oh, and, how might this look different for today’s splintered youth culture, compared to what it might have looked like 20 years ago?

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  1. We have a citywide Youth Pastor network meeting next week–I’m trying to get my hands on a dozen or so books (most of the BIG churches have copies-they’ve been able to attend YS conferences… but MOST of our churches are now led by volunteers-no $ & no access, we would like to give as a free resource & actually have a discussion–local bookstores say they don’t have?? frustrating). If you have any ideas…

  2. I am teaching on this tomorrow night in the classical bread and cup mode and the what does communion look like to teens. I actually am prepping different art zones where they can draw, paint, print what they feel. I’m hoping for great expression to provide the answers of what teens are seeking and finding in communion. I’ll post anything that is relevant or revealing!

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