new year’s resolutions of televangelists

funny, funny stuff from skippy r at the wittenburg blog: a list of new year’s resolutions from various televangelists.

my two favorites:

• Joel Osteen: I resolve to frown at least 15 minutes each day so my smile will look genuine the rest of the time. But I will do it hanging upside down in my gravity boots so that the frown looks like a smile.

• Hal Lindsey: I resolve to be even more confrontational about radical Islam in order to obscure the failure of my 37 years of end-time predictions and remind people that I still exist. Darn, I miss the Soviet Union!

One thought on “new year’s resolutions of televangelists”

  1. I realize the post is in jest, however, I’d like to add “The Maze of Mormonism” by Dr. Walter Martin to Osteen’s recommended reading list this year.

    This way maybe he’ll understand the “Christ” of the non-Christian cult of the LDS Church is not the Jesus of the Bible. Joel Osteen Blesses The Mormon Church

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