nice ym3.0 review from gman

gerrard fess, known in the youth ministry blogging world as gman, posted a great little review of youth ministry 3.0:

I like Mark Oestreicher or Marko. I like what he writes. I don’t always agree with what he writes, but it does cause me to think.

Why don’t I agree or what is it about Youth Ministry 3.0 I don’t like?

Well YM 3.0 is a short book about where youth ministry has been, where we are and where we need to go. It is in short a good criticism of youth ministry. And sometimes I just don’t like criticism. I like to think everything is ok. But deep in the back of my mind I know it isn’t. I’ve been struggling with this idea for years, along with others, like Mark Riddle, in trying to re-imagine youth ministry. It is what got me attracted to some of the Emerging Church conversation.

Marko’s explanation and chart on the differences between YM 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 (pg 78) is definitely worth the price of the book.

One of the reasons I became a lead minister was to address and help transition some of these changes. You see what Marko is proposing isn’t just a Youth Ministry 3.0 but ultimately a Church 3.0 – one that goes beyond church programs to that of Church being the way God intended. Will it happen overnight? Nope. Will every ministry and church look the same? Nope. Let’s strive for the future, while living in the present.

Every Church leader needs to read this book and look at their own context and how they can go beyond the normal routine of church and be willing to risk, fail and reach the 3.0 culture with the transforming power of Jesus.

It won’t be easy, but is well worth it.

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  1. This idea gets to the heart of what I have always believed — good youth ministry is good ministry. Period. Why are some of the best church leaders and college/seminary leaders former youth pastors? Because they GET what ministry is about. People and relationships. It’s not about tight sermons, great music, huge buildings, or slick presentations. It’s the relationships, stupid!

    Great youth leaders are multi-taskers extrordinaire who at various times are counselors, accountants, teachers, managers, parents, police, prophets, sociologists, theologians, coaches, travel agents, etc.

    Changing youth ministry means changing ALL of Christian ministry. Mad props to gman for the insights.

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