no time

sorry i haven’t posted. really just no time.

so far the convention has been great. i had been concerned about what the opening general session would feel like with that many people in it; but it was electric. and the fact that we’re in an arena (instead of a giant convention center hall facing the same way), means that we can actually see each other. and with so many people sitting at different elevations, the sound of the singing is amazing. last night, during the crowder set, well, i just don’t have words for how gorgeous it was. i told crowder it was the best i’d ever heard them: but i think, in reality, it was the best youth worker worshipping group ever. mmmmm. i could go for another slice o’ that.

my second great concern was the move to the first seminar slot. 7500 people was absolute max, and we’d added 5 off-site (non convention center) seminar rooms. i was concerned that the shortness of space, and — for some — the walk to their seminar, would decrease their excitement. but my concerns seem to have been exaggerated. yes, some of the seminars had to ‘close’ because they were totally full; but no one seemed to get too bent about it, and we were ready with staff standing there to help redirect people.

favorite moment of friday: singing crowder’s new ‘you are my joy’ with 7500 youth workers at the top of my lungs.

7 thoughts on “no time”

  1. My favorite part was when my cell phone rang during the general session and I was innappropriately touched by like 12 people. Just goes to show that people actually do listen to your announcements Marko.

    Seriously…Kendall rocked this morning. That was my favoite part thus far.

  2. Man I wish I were there! I was at Sac and it is fun to relive the memories through reading all the blogs!

    Thank you for your ministry to all of us slugging it out, out in the “Youth Land.”

  3. glad you’re having a blast. not too sure about you getting to bed before midnight though. i think that is fanciful thinking. especially if my husband is involved. i’ve heard the stories!

  4. Yeah, David Crowder really was incredible last night. Best worship experience I’ve had for a long time. However, I was kinda disturbed at the end when people started chanting, “David Crowder!” Personally, my focus wasn’t on David Crowder at all. Why didn’t people start chanting “Jesus Christ,” the person we were singing about just seconds before? How did it switch to David Crowder so quickly?

  5. It was amazing.. I couldn’t believe that Crowder just into the crowd like he did. He is just a hoot. With some much love and positive vibes, he just knows how to guide the mood. So awesome!

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