non-annoying game of the week

this one is actually very cool. it’s called ray-ray parade. a great little logic game (read the “how to play” link). after dinking around to get the feel of it, i went through the easy levels, thinking it was doing really good. but i got an “F”. i’ll be trying again.

[[update: got a “B” — i’m on a ray-ray move, baby!]]

(ht to steve case)

7 thoughts on “non-annoying game of the week”

  1. oregonian — you just gotta find a way to see them as puzzle pieces, and click in the middle of the pieces. for example, on the very first one (on the easy level), if you click one of the corner kids, you’ll see you get three standing. then click on the opposing corner to get they other three standing without making any of the first group sit back down. two clicks for that one. most of them on the first level can be done without any one ray-ray standing up and sitting back down and standing up. one puzzle needs an extra move.

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