ny times magazine article on evangelicals loosening up about dancing

interesting read. i attended wheaton college when it was still ‘no dancing’. i was there when the infamous ‘pig roast’ (an off-campus party hosted by students at an apartment complex) turned into an innocent 50s dance, and dr. robert webber (then a prof at wheaton – i had him for two classes) danced, and subsequently received disciplinary action from the school. sometimes change is really, really good.

these couple sentences cracked me up: They are opting to allow formal dances, like swing or ballroom. Of course, it’s unlikely there will be hip-hop or bump-and-grind at J.B.U. They will not be krumping.

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  1. I’m a Wheaton alum also! What year was the pig roast? It was an established part of Wheaton lore when I was there, but I heard the version that had Dr. Webber dancing in the quad during a rock concert. I wouldn’t put it past him to do that, too, but off campus is more realistic. I was an RA and had the Dean of Students ask me about dancing in the word association part of my interview. I decided not to die on that hill and said something about it not being very important. (since I don’t have much rythm anyway) But I am glad that others rocked that boat!
    So that means you were a Crusader, too – what do you think of the change to Thunder?

  2. hey christine. i was an undergrad from fall of 81 through the spring of 83, and again from fall 85 through spring 87. then i was in grad school for a couple more years. i don\’t remember the year of the infamous pig roast, but i THINK it was my junior year, which was 85/86. i lived in the off-campus apartments at college and president that were across the street from the complex where the pig roast took place.

    oh, and i\’m ok with thunder. i\’m surprised, to be honest, how many alumns think it\’s stupid. but i was always embarrassed by the \’crusaders\’ thing, and remember that they were trying to change it even back when i was there. hey — i happen to be wearing a wheaton t-shirt today!

  3. We just talked at a Calvary Church pastoral staff meeting about possibly allowing wedding receptions to have a First Dance and a Father/Daughter dance, but still no open dancing time. I think they are going to allow those two dances. Slow and steady progress or in some people’s minds – a slippery slope.

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