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  1. After being at Catalyst West Coast I would say that having Francis Chan and Andy Stanley will make for an incredible conference no matter what else happens. Good choices! I need to figure out how I can justify still attending NYWC as an Exec Pastor.

  2. For me, the home page lined upbut no links worked.

    I heard Francis again this weekend along with Andy on a forum at the Orange Conference — they are great.

    Looking forward to the links

  3. I have attended NYWC a few times and plan to attend this fall. If you are changing a bunch of stuff, here are my suggestions (although I know you didn’t ask–I know you YS folks LOVE input!). 1-I don’t want Tic Long (or whoever takes his place–man, I really liked Tic) on stage telling us to hug everybody around us. And this has nothing to do with the swine flu. 2-I don’t want Chris Tomlin (or whoever takes his place) admonishing us to dance around all crazy in the general sessions. And this has nothing to do with my Baptist upbringing. 3-I would prefer that the general sessions were not over-scheduled with entertainers whose only reason to be there is to get us to invite them to our churches. Way too much talent in each session last time I went. 4-Don’t plan the thing like everybody who attends is a 20-something Southern Baptist from Texas. We’re not. I’m a 50-something, 34 year youth ministry vet from a United Methodist Church in Tucson. 5-The worship leaders should lead worship and not do a concert featuring songs from their latest CD. It wouldn’t hurt David Crowder to do some Matt Redman, or Graham Kendrick, or Paul Baloche, or some Vineyard songs. A concert and worship should be separate. The best example of this I saw was Delirious at NYWC in Nashville many years ago. Led worship–real corporate worship–and still did the concert thing at the end of the session. 6-Give Jeff Johnson a worship service to lead. And encourage him to bring the whole crew. And he needs to bring a percussionist this time (my son would do it for free–just a thought). The best worship session I attened at NYWC was a few years ago with Jeff Johnson and Nancy Ortberg. 7-Don’t just pander to the conservative evangelical crowd. I think you do it and don’t even notice. 8-I don’t think anyone can get enough of Yaconelli and Campolo–ever. 9-In the workshops (and I have no idea how to do this or if it can be done), I don’t want to argue the presenters points during the feedback time. I want to clarify the implications. I wonder why some attenders show up if they don’t agree with anything the speaker says and just want to argue on every point. I want to clearly understand the speaker and then mull it over. 10-And lastly (if you’ve read this far), strongly encourage–put it in the contract–that presenters DO NOT BRING THEIR CHILDREN. Or at least keep them FAR from the presentation areas. I won’t name names, but I was really put off by one presenter’s son crying for him in the hall outside the session in Sacramento a couple of years ago. It distracted–a lot.
    Well, there you go. My top ten ways to change the NYWC.

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