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  1. After being at Catalyst West Coast I would say that having Francis Chan and Andy Stanley will make for an incredible conference no matter what else happens. Good choices! I need to figure out how I can justify still attending NYWC as an Exec Pastor.

  2. For me, the home page lined upbut no links worked.

    I heard Francis again this weekend along with Andy on a forum at the Orange Conference — they are great.

    Looking forward to the links

  3. Jeff- can you email [email protected] and let him know your browser/operating system. I know he told me he knew he was going to have some problems with IE 6. (Every designer in the world curses IE!) But that’s really useful info for him. Thanks!

  4. adam:

    I will do. I tried other browsers and they did work, so I go the information thanks – I will let him know of the IE problem that I had.

  5. I have attended NYWC a few times and plan to attend this fall. If you are changing a bunch of stuff, here are my suggestions (although I know you didn’t ask–I know you YS folks LOVE input!). 1-I don’t want Tic Long (or whoever takes his place–man, I really liked Tic) on stage telling us to hug everybody around us. And this has nothing to do with the swine flu. 2-I don’t want Chris Tomlin (or whoever takes his place) admonishing us to dance around all crazy in the general sessions. And this has nothing to do with my Baptist upbringing. 3-I would prefer that the general sessions were not over-scheduled with entertainers whose only reason to be there is to get us to invite them to our churches. Way too much talent in each session last time I went. 4-Don’t plan the thing like everybody who attends is a 20-something Southern Baptist from Texas. We’re not. I’m a 50-something, 34 year youth ministry vet from a United Methodist Church in Tucson. 5-The worship leaders should lead worship and not do a concert featuring songs from their latest CD. It wouldn’t hurt David Crowder to do some Matt Redman, or Graham Kendrick, or Paul Baloche, or some Vineyard songs. A concert and worship should be separate. The best example of this I saw was Delirious at NYWC in Nashville many years ago. Led worship–real corporate worship–and still did the concert thing at the end of the session. 6-Give Jeff Johnson a worship service to lead. And encourage him to bring the whole crew. And he needs to bring a percussionist this time (my son would do it for free–just a thought). The best worship session I attened at NYWC was a few years ago with Jeff Johnson and Nancy Ortberg. 7-Don’t just pander to the conservative evangelical crowd. I think you do it and don’t even notice. 8-I don’t think anyone can get enough of Yaconelli and Campolo–ever. 9-In the workshops (and I have no idea how to do this or if it can be done), I don’t want to argue the presenters points during the feedback time. I want to clarify the implications. I wonder why some attenders show up if they don’t agree with anything the speaker says and just want to argue on every point. I want to clearly understand the speaker and then mull it over. 10-And lastly (if you’ve read this far), strongly encourage–put it in the contract–that presenters DO NOT BRING THEIR CHILDREN. Or at least keep them FAR from the presentation areas. I won’t name names, but I was really put off by one presenter’s son crying for him in the hall outside the session in Sacramento a couple of years ago. It distracted–a lot.
    Well, there you go. My top ten ways to change the NYWC.

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