o spiderman, thou dost disappoint

fantastic list of things we learned from the disappoint-fest that was spiderman 3, from the wonderfully-odd little mind of josh treece:

10 Things We Learned From Spider-man 3

1) Emo kids are a product of alien symbiosis.

2) If you find yourself running from the law, no problem! Just hop over the gate that says “DANGER! Particle Physics Experiment in progress” and you’re in the clear.

3) If your girlfriend is hanging from the roof of a demolished skyscraper, never fear. Nonchalantly take some pictures and introduce yourself to her father, who also doesn’t seem to give a crap.

4) Flipping pancakes and listening to vintage dance songs will only lead to adultery.

5) Black is the new red. And alien goo is the new cotton.

6) If you ever find yourself battling a giant sand person and a jagged-toothed photographer alongside your best friend who just tried to kill you, be sure that you and him exchange “witty” banter at every opportunity. “I’m a little busy over here, buddy.” “I’d love to help you, but I’ve got my hands full, buddy” and so on.

7) If you want to kill someone real bad, then go to church and pray and maybe, if you’re lucky, God will provide you with an alien suit made of pure evil.

8) Sufferers of amnesia just can’t help smiling ridiculously and eating ice-cream. Life is good when you can’t remember anything.

9) Bad boys eat cookies, drink milk and mimic their college professors on the phone in a hilarious manner.

10) Is your girlfriend feeling down? No problem, make her feel better by passionately upside-down kissing some really hot chick in front of her.

3 thoughts on “o spiderman, thou dost disappoint”

  1. 11). If your movie sucks, just throw in some lame, pointless dance scene and that will win audiences over right away.

  2. 12) Oh yeah I forgot this was a movie about a comic book hero (read as: this was a movie about a non-plausible premise therefore everything else afterward should be equally far-fetched)

    It was a good movie…A little long but good. IMO
    = )

  3. 13) Include the coolest villan ever in your movie, but only show him for like 10 minutes at the end, and then kill him off.

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