obama’s wailing wall prayer

whatever your politics, whatever your skepticism, whatever your inclination might be to see this as a marketing ploy, it’s difficult to not be moved by this prayer that obama stuck on the wailing wall in jerusalem:

“Lord – Protect my family and me. Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.”

12 thoughts on “obama’s wailing wall prayer”

  1. Very cool. My wife told me about this yesterday and how the Jewish community is really upset about it being leaked. They are very serious about the privacy of the prayers on the wall. I don’t really understand it. Is it public?

  2. I don’t really see that the prayer in itself is especially news or blog worthy. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘it’s difficult to not be moved by this prayer’ I suspect that may be Obama tinted glasses turning this into something it’s not. If you were to ask a group of Christian in ministry or positions of authority to write down a brief prayer I’d be surprised if a large percentage weren’t very similar to this. I’m not criticizing the prayer, how could ? I’ve prayed that same prayer more times than i can imagine but don’t try painting it as some amazingly moving spiritual cry. it’s either the simple prayer of a man looking into a future filled with possibilities and uncertainty or(if it was deliberately leaked by his camp with his knowledge) it’s a cynical grab for Christian voters.

    Either way It’s been blown way out of proportion

    If it wss Obama’s people who leaked it then it’s meaningless, if not then it just shows a m

  3. Unfortunately we will never know the truth on this side of heaven. One camp will continue to point the finger at the other camp. My hope is that this is sincere.

  4. Who cares? Haven’t we learned with Bush that all politicians use the Christian faith as a way to get voters.

  5. Wow Randy – that was kind of cynical. Instead of painting every single politician with the same brush, let’s try to examine each upon their own merits. If their faith is a public one, lets take time to examine if their creeds match their works. Not all politicians use (abuse) their faith for political gain.

  6. What’s the difference between a politician praying aloud at a public event or a politician writing a prayer and posting it on a public locale…without his name on it??? If an elected public official prays aloud before a meal, is it our obligation to question the authenticity of the prayer? I’m willing to assume this was genuine – and it’s inspiring that someone so famous would offer something so humble…but it won’t impact my vote either way.

  7. I have problems with humility too. Does that make my faith inauthentic? Jimmy Carter was a politician. Does that mean we should doubt his commitment to the social gospel? If the cynics here and elsewhere are truly motivated by a concern that Obama really doesn’t love his God or his neighbor enough, then I am fine with that. But I would suggest that their distrust is probably in 98 percent of cases based on the fact that Obama is more liberal than they are. The fact that McCain isn’t constantly having to defend his faith suggests to me a double standard. I like Anne Lamott’s quote on the subject of using our faith as an excuse to exclude others: “You can be pretty sure that you have molded God in your image when it turns out that he hates all the same people you do.”

  8. What if it was heartfelt? Who cares where it came from! Personally, I think it’s really neat, no matter who it’s from no matter how it came about.

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