oestreicher family christmas plans

today, thursday, december 22, is christmas for my family. yup.

every year, we head to detroit for the holidays (all of my family and my wife’s family are there). this year, the frequent flier seats we could get have us leaving saturday — christmas eve. yesterday was my kids’ last day of school, so we have these two free days. that means today is christmas, and tomorrow is packing.

the plan for today:

9am — everybody up. coffee is ready. open stockings.

10am — head to a big brunch at hash house a go go (one of the best breakfasts in san diego)

noon-ish — christmas gift opening, followed by family christmas carol singing (bring out the instruments!)

early afternoon — deliver gifts to neighbors, take a trip to the dollar store to get white elephant gifts from each of us for my extended family’s christmas on monday the 26th

late afternoon — see the new sherlock holmes movie together

dinner somewhere. kids free by 7pm to hang with friends (one’s having a friend spend the night, the other is spending the night elsewhere).

should be a fantastic day.

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